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From Japan to the world   MIKIMOTO passes on its passion for beauty and connects people and culture

To disseminate the beauty of Japanese culture to the world - that had been a lifelong dream of Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of MIKIMOTO. This time, Ai Tominaga visits a Sake brewery in Cambridge, England. Here, the brewers strive to bring Sake, an intangible culture of Japan, to the world in an authentic way. We will dig into their dream and passion.

Ai Tominaga visits a Sake brewery in England

Here at Dojima Sake Brewery near Cambridge, England, Ai Tominaga wears high jewelleries of MIKIMOTO.
The passion of the brand in these dazzling jewelleries links beautifully with the dream of brewers,
and also with the sublime spirit still alive in this area.

Masterpieces are only built
by tireless efforts

“Be authentic” – that’s the motto of Ai Tominaga. When we look at the Japanese traditional crafts and intangible cultural heritage, we know they are accomplished through tireless efforts; they are not built in a day. So is the jewellery culture in Japan that MIKIMOTO has built, and same can be said for the Japanese Sake made here at Dojima Sake Brewery.

Body jewellery,Earrings/MIKIMOTO 

A cultural center
based in Cambridge, England

This time, Ai Tominaga visits Dojima Sake Brewery in Cambridge, England. Besides its role as a brewery, it also serves as a place to provide expertise and techniques for making Sake to aspiring brewers. This is a center for disseminating Sake, one of the important elements of Japanese culture.


Disseminating Japanese culture
to the world

Before this, even if people in Europe became interested in Sake, they could only learn the techniques either by coming all the way to Japan or teaching themselves. Here at Dojima Sake Brewery, they want to spread the culture of Sake across the world by teaching various brewing techniques, expertise and its culture.


Connecting people
and culture with beautiful spirit

Those who learned the brewing and culture of Sake here will thrive around the world. Then the people living in those areas would become interested in Sake. This brewery here in England is creating a new cycle of influence for Japanese culture. Showing the beauty of Japan to the world and connecting people and culture. This is the beautiful spirit shared with MIKIMOTO.


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