My Pearls, My Style

See the founding spirit of MIKIMOTO in Kyoto, a city of traditional beauty and artisanship

The first accessories MIKIMOTO made with pearls were jewelleries for Kimonos. This time, Japanese Actress Yuko Natori visits Kyoto wearing Kimonos of her own coupled with MIKIMOTO’s high jewellery. There, she encounters a world of profound beauty and artisanship, which corresponds with the spirit of MIKIMOTO.

Yuko Natori visits
the city of a thousand years

Yuko Natori, a renowned Japanese actress, says she has got her Kimonos and Obi (a wide sash that fastens the Kimono) made in Kyoto over the years. This time, she visits Nanzen-ji Temple and ateliers of Kimono artisans in Kyoto wearing Kimonos of her own coupled with the high jewellery of MIKIMOTO. There, she witnesses city of a thousand years evolved harmoniously with history and its rich Kimono culture.

The beauty and quality passed down for generations

From its founding days, MIKIMOTO has been making jewellery for Kimonos. Headpieces with a design inspired by waves, a brooch of shining opals and pearls, and a ring with south sea pearls carry on the tradition of this delicate beauty.

A brooch/pendant worn as a sash clip,Ring,Headpiece/MIKIMOTO

The joy of picking the right jewellery for each Kimono lifts your mind

Picking the pieces of jewellery that suit each Kimono is an uplifting moment, as you can truly enjoy the culture of Kimono. We accentuated the Kimono featuring the traditional patterns of “Kumodori,” inspired by the clouds in the sky, by matching headpieces with beautifully curved lines of pearls. The ring and sash clip feature cute guardian dogs that match the color scheme of the Kimono.

Sash clip,Ring,Headpiece (below)/MIKIMOTO Headpiece (above) is private property of Ms. Natori.

The proficient skills of
masters artisans

This Obi is made of “Ra-Ori” fabric, a very thin silk cloth weaved at the Obi fabric workshop with over 250 years of history. The tones of the accompanied jewellery are carefully chosen to match the glossy green color of the Kimono. A fan-shaped sash clip, a headpiece, and a ring bear the cool tone of emerald and jade greens.

Sash clip,Obi accessory,Ring,Headpiece/MIKIMOTO

Adorning a sash clip on the collar

This Kimono features a Noshi(a type of Japanese gift decoration) pattern, one of the traditional auspicious motifs. This gourd-shaped pearl jewellery is usually worn as a sash clip, an ornament for Obi, but we styled it as a brooch on her collar to elevate the look. The antique headpiece made with traditional techniques also blends in perfectly with the artisanship of the Kimono and Obi.

Sash clip worn as a brooch,Ring,Headpiece/MIKIMOTO Plectrum-shaped hair accessory/MIKIMOTO Archive


Sash clip

Sash clip



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Wardrobes courtesy of Someori Iwamoto, Domyo Yuusoku-Kumihimo(Classic Braid)
Shooting locations courtesy of Nanzen-ji Temple,
HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, Obi-sho(Obi fabric workshop) Tanbaya